Categories: Health CarePublished On: March 20th, 2019

John is an average guy. He gets up, goes to work, and finishes the day with his family.  He has a few hobbies and enjoys volunteering throughout the community.  Outside of a few dizzy spells and feeling sluggish, John has always felt healthy.  In John’s mind, there is no reason to go see a doctor.

Last year, John’s company signed up for the “Corporate Wellness” plan through Nor-Lea Hospital in Lovington.  Nor-Lea Hospital showed up to John’s office with a mobile clinic to run some basic screenings on all of the company employees.  John thought it might be a waste of time but stepped into the clinic anyway.  He was in and out within minutes and back to work.

A couple of weeks later, Nor-Lea came back with test results.  John was called in and informed that he was pre-diabetic.  Those dizzy spells and sluggish feelings were indications of a much bigger problem looming for John.  Nor-Lea connected John with a dietician and a primary care physician. John is now armed with the information he needs to stave off diabetes for a long time.

The JF Maddox Foundation partnered with Nor-Lea Hospital by providing a grant for 50% of the cost of the mobile clinic.  While this mobile clinic provides the necessary space and equipment, it is Nor-Lea that provides the care and attention needed to make this program a reality.  At the JF Maddox Foundation we care that our neighbors are healthy, educated, and supported because we care about them as individuals and as a community.