About Our Grants

Why we give grants

The JF Maddox Foundation is here for the benefit of Lea County, New Mexico. Every project we pursue is meant to enhance the quality of life within our community. We exist to support organizations that serve our community in various ways.

The five areas listed within our strategic plan below are the broad categories we support. We invite you to submit a grant application by following the links below.

  • Proposed projects/programs is consistent with our strategic plan
  • There is potential for significant benefit to Lea County, New Mexico and its residents
  • Proposed projects/programs will be self-supporting within a reasonable timeframe

Although not required, we also desire to see projects/programs with the following attributes:

  • Potential to use Foundation funds to leverage funding from other sources
  • Potential for collaboration with other agencies to better serve the residents of Lea County.

Remember, you don’t have to do this alone! Our Senior Program Officers are here to walk you through the process, so please feel free to call or email David Reed or Mayra Lovas.

If you are ready to submit an application click the link below. We look forward to hearing your ideas soon!

Strategic Plan

Develop and co-create an accessible and vibrant social service network that adequately serves the community. Seek to support providers and organizations through capacity building, developing partners, and coordinating services.

Develop diversified and non-correlated industries that provide long-term sustainability and growth in Lea County. Work alongside local and regional stakeholders to leverage Lea County’s competitive advantages.

Co-create assets in Lea County communities that attract, impress, and intrigue.
Invest in opportunities that grow and nurture high-quality educational experiences within Lea County, with a focus on early literacy and career readiness.
Engage community leaders and organizations in the pursuit of healthy communities with a focus on identifying areas of need and creating access to services throughout Lea County.


Connecting with a Program Officer is the best way to start this journey.

Senior Program Officer & Communications Manager

Senior Program Officer