Categories: Lecture SeriesPublished On: April 30th, 2019

Without saying a word, body language says a lot!  Being mindful of our own posture can lead to some life changing behaviors.  That was the message delivered by Dr. Amy Cuddy last month to 1,500 MyPower alumni during an afternoon event at Hobbs High School, and later that evening to a public audience 

Dr. Amy Cuddy, an award-winning author and leading social psychologist, has made huge waves across the country with her work in body language and posture.  This Harvard professor and Princeton alumni was also the most recent speaker in the Jack Maddox Distinguished Lecture Series. 

 Dr. Cuddy’s work supports that confident behavior can start with something as seemingly insignificant as a confident posture.  Among other findings, Dr. Cuddy’s work notes some of the alarming negative impacts social behaviors have impressed upon society, especially upon women.  Fortunately, Dr. Cuddy’s work shows that by harnessing the power of a more confident posture, men and women alike have a powerful weapon to fight these negative social behaviors.  Hopefully, Dr. Cuddy’s lecture inspired her Lea County audience to live a more empowered and purposeful life! 

 The purpose of the Jack Maddox Distinguished Lecture Series is to contribute to the quality of life in Lea County and the surrounding area by providing nationally recognized speakers for intellectual stimulation and entertainment.  The Lecture Series is just one way the JF Maddox Foundation works to cultivate big picture possibilities in Lea County, New Mexico.