Categories: Social ServicesPublished On: February 1st, 2019

Kristy was married with three kids when her husband began to abuse her. She feared for her children but felt trapped because she didn’t have the financial means to support her family.  One night, after the abuse went too far, Kristy took her three children and fled to the local domestic violence shelter, Option, Inc.

It takes collaboration to help someone like Kristy.  The Foundation hosts a regular meeting with housing assistance programs in Lea County to help solidify community connections among agencies.  The homeless relief workgroup has a long history of working together in order to share resources and ensure people get the help they need.

Once at the shelter, Option, Inc. helped her apply for and obtain a job.  With a job in hand, Option, Inc. helped her to apply and obtain low-income housing through another local organization, Monarch Properties LLC. However, Kristy still needed to come up with the deposit and first month’s rent.

Monarch Properties reached out to the Guidance Center of Lea County, which runs a program that provides housing expenses for people experiencing housing insecurity.  The Guidance Center took Kristy on as a client, providing continued counseling services, in addition to funding her housing deposits.

Within three days Kristy went from complete chaos, pain, and fear to stability, support, and safety through the help of a community of organizations working together to support her.

The JF Maddox Foundation funds the housing cost program through the Guidance Center of Lea County, but we also host the homeless relief workgroup meeting to help connect this community. This is an example of how the JF Maddox Foundation tries to be a constant ally with our community.  We care that our neighbors are healthy, educated, and supported because we care about them as individuals and as a community.