Categories: ScholarshipPublished On: September 1st, 2020

High school students have a lot on their mind when entering their last academic year, but this year that burden is even heavier. With schools closing their campuses in the spring of 2020, the JF Maddox Foundation decided to take early action in giving our scholarship applicants and schools as much consideration as possible.  

First, the Foundation extended our deadline to help ease some of the anxiety of our students and schools.  This year, the deadline for the scholarship application is September 30, 2020.  The application is available online here and includes the same process as previous years.   

Also, among the opportunities lost in 2020 was the opportunity for many students to take their ACT or SAT. In response, the Foundation has made the ACT/SAT optional for 2020 applicants.  If students have completed the ACT or SAT and want to include their scores, they can.  However, it is completely up to the applicant.  You will not be penalized for not sharing ACT or SAT scores. 

These are strange times.  The JF Maddox Foundation knows that Lea County students are impressive and will make it through this year regardless of the challenges.  We look forward to helping you chase your dreams!