Categories: Hunger, Social ServicesPublished On: December 3rd, 2020

Chances are you are already familiar with the Salvation Army.  Maybe you have seen them ringing the bell near a red kettle around the holiday season, or you have volunteered at one of their food distributions.  Maybe you have received assistance from them for housing, hunger, or counseling services.  Regardless of how you know them, you know they have been making an impact in Lea County for a long time. 

At the JF Maddox Foundation, we know them as a stable partner that we can depend on to get things done.  They are a conduit for us to pour into the community in ways few others can do.  Over the years, we have proudly partnered with Salvation Army to help our community in several ways. Here are a few of those projects. 

Walk-in Refrigerator/Freezer 

The JF Maddox Foundation made a large investment in the Salvation Army to purchase a commercial grade refrigerator/freezer.  This large unit provides enough space for the Salvation Army to serve as cold storage for almost every emergency food distribution agency across Hobbs. 

Client Choice Pantry 

In recent years, the JF Maddox Foundation provided a grant for renovation that helped the Salvation Army open a client choice pantry.  This model of food distribution gives clients the ability to choose which food items they would like.  It is a nationally accepted best practice that creates a much greater efficiency within food distribution and cuts down on food waste.  Although this service is temporary closed due to COVID-19, it still highlights a way that Salvation Army thinks big picture while also providing individualized care. 

 Cleaning Supplies for Early Childhood Providers 

When COVID-19 hit, cleaning supplies were wiped out overnight.  That left many local early childhood providers in need.  The JF Maddox Foundation provided funds for Salvation Army to purchase, store, and distribute cleaning supplies for Lea County early childhood agencies in response to the COVID-19 crisis. 

The Salvation Army is a key partner when it comes to serving people in need in Lea County.  This year, one of their key fundraisers is at risk of coming up short due to the impact of COVID-19.  We encourage you to be intentional this year by going online and making a donation to your local Salvation Army.  Their work is important, and your support is too.  Make a donation here to support your local Salvation Army today!