Categories: LeadershipPublished On: July 30th, 2019

Have you ever been in an operating uranium enrichment facility? Well, on the second day of my internship at the JF Maddox Foundation, I got the chance to step foot onto URENCO (the only operating enrichment facility in North America) and tour the facility with the second class of the Maddox Leadership Institute (MLI).

URENCO is a major and unique employer in Lea County. The second class of MLI graduates got the chance to see the inner workings of URENCO and what drives the organization.

This cohort of MLI graduated on April 25, 2019, but the best part of MLI is it doesn’t stop with graduation! MLI develops leaders then gives these leaders connections in the community. These connections are with people who want to make changes in Lea County and turn it into the best county it can be!

On this tour we were able to see how the JF Maddox Foundation connects the community. We were able to meet community leaders, MLI graduates, soon to be MLI participates, and even a Maddox Scholar.

A really amazing part of the tour was that the three tour guides have all been involved in MLI. Two of the tour guides were a part of the second cohort of MLI, and the third tour guide enrolled in the next cohort of MLI which is about to start. This unique opportunity gave leaders the chance to step into the shoes of classmates and see what they do every day. What a great adventure!