Past Speakers

Since 1989, the Jack Maddox Distinguished Lecture Series has endeavored to bring a variety of speakers to Hobbs, New Mexico for the express purpose of enhancing the quality of life in southeastern New Mexico.

past speakers

Fall 2019

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar

Six-Time MVP & Bestselling Author

Spring 2019

Amy Cuddy

Best-selling Author and Social Psychologist

Fall 2018

Mike Rowe

Executive Producer and Show Host

Spring 2018

Dara Torres

Olympic Medalist

Spring 2017

Malcolm Gladwell

Award winning author

Spring 2016

Brad Meltzer

Award winning Author

Fall 2015

Condoleezza Rice

Former secretary of state

Spring 2015

Ben Carson

Award winning author and neurosurgeon

Fall 2014

Sam Abell

National geographic photographer

Spring 2014

Richard Florida

Best-selling author

Fall 2013

Jeanette Walls

Best-selling Author

Spring 2013

General Colin Powell

Former secretary of state

Fall 2012

Michael Beschloss

Presidential Historian

Spring 2012

Peyton Manning

NFL Quarterback

Spring 2011

Laura Bush

Former first lady

Fall 2011

Captain Chelsea “Sully” Sullenberger

Hero Pilot

Fall 2010

Jean Chatzky

Journalist, best-selling author

Spring 2010

Robert Ballard

Deep sea explorer

Fall 2009

Jo Frost

Star of "Supernanny" and author

Spring 2009

Jim Lehrer

News Anchor

Fall 2008

Waddie Mitchell

Cowboy Poet

Spring 2008

Tony Dungy

NFL Hall of Fame

Fall 2007

Tucker Carlson and Paul Begala

Political commentators and analysts

Fall 2006

Ben Stein

Actor, economist, writer, and journalist

Fall 2005

Oliver North

Marine, best-selling author, U.S. Counter-terrorism coordinator

Fall 2004

Robert Gates

Former secretary of defense

Spring 2004

Peter Hillary and Jaling Norgay

World-renowned adventurists

Fall 2003

P.J. O’Rourke

Best-selling author and political satirist

Spring 2003

Lynn Swann

NFL Hall of Fame

Fall 2002

Marvin Hamilisch


Fall 2002

David Halberstam

Journalist, Author, and Historian

Spring 2002

Mark Hansen

Co-creator of "Chicken Soup for the Soul"

Fall 2001

David McCullough

Pulitzer prize winner and author

Spring 2000

John Naisbitt

Best-selling author

Fall 2000

Alan Page

Minnesota supreme court justice and NFL hall of fame

Fall 1999

Catherine Crier

Television Personality and District Court Judge

Spring 1999

Dave Barry

Humor Columnist

Fall 1998

Linda Wertheimer


Fall 1997

Robert Fulghum


Spring 1997

John Rosemond

Psychlogist, Parenting expert

Fall 1996

Mark Russell

Political Satirist

Spring 1996

Walter Williams

columnist, author

Fall 1995

James Lovell

NASA Astronaut, commandor of apollo 13

Spring 1995

John Silber

Academic and Politician

Fall 1994

Thomas Sowell

Economist and Author

Spring 1994

Jim Tunney

NFL Referee

Fall 1993

Sally Ride

NASA Astronaught, First woman in orbit

Spring 1993

Arthur Schlesinger

Pulitzer prize winning historian

Spring 1993

Edwin Newman

Newscaster, Journalist, and Author

Spring 1992

William Buckley

American author and commentator

Fall 1991

Joe Clark

Principal and subject of the film "Lean on Me"

spring 1991

Thomas Sowell

Economist and author

Spring 1989

Art Linkletter

Radio and Television Personality