Program Alumni

The first class of the Maddox Leadership Institute (MLI) graduated on April 26, 2018.  Since then, there has been 63 graduates representing several industries and four communities in Lea County: Lovington, Hobbs, Eunice and Jal.

MLI alumni are invited to continue to work together through a partnership program with the Hobbs Chamber of Commerce. Alumni also stay connected through a couple different social media platforms that are exclusive to MLI alumni. We are eager to continue to add pictures to this page in years to come.

“I feel more connected to the community. We have a great mix of different people from different entities, in public and private sectors in the program.”
— Rosa Aranda

“I love it, it’s been life-changing for me. I have taken what I’ve learned to heart and have changed some of the ways we do things, and I take extra time to learn more about my staff, because that is important.”
— Jordan Benard

“I feel a greater sense of responsibility to be active in the community through the things I’ve learned and seeing some great examples of community leaders.”
— Ken Engan

Cassandra Alexander
Lea Regional Medical Center

Patrick Alexander

Sabrina Amador
Lea County State Bank

Rosa Aranda

Casey Arcidez
Eunice Police Department

Jordan Benard
Nor-Lea Hospital District

Janelle Blaine
United Way of Lea County

Mark Bogenreider

Craig Bova
Lea County

Sarah Bunch
Economic Development Corporation of Lea County

Rene Cantu
Hobbs Municipal Schools

Amy Chavarria
Guidance Center of Lea County

Deb Corral
City of Hobbs

Douglas Crum
Taylor Street Church of Christ

Jeff Darnell
Boy Scouts of America

Amanda Davis
JF Maddox Foundation

Chris Davis
Hobbs Fire Department

Jennifer De Los Santos
Children, Youth & Families Department

Wyatt Duncan
City of Lovington

Ken Engan

Vanessa Galindo
MECA Therapies

Megan Gallegos
First American Bank

Melanie Garcia
New Mexico Junior College

Valerie Gauna
New Mexico Junior College

Laura Gryder
Nor-Lea Hospital District

Paulette Henry
Nuclear Waste Partnerships - WIPP

Dustin Henry
Western Commerce Bank

Ryan Herrera
Hobbs Fire Department

Helen Houston
Hobbs Municipal Schools

Brandi Hughes
Wells Fargo

Philip Ingram
IPS, Inc.

Zeke Kaney
Hobbs Municipal Schools

Jayson Kringel
Lea County State Bank

Melva Lujan
Nor-Lea Hospital District

Melinda Medellin
Lovington Youth Center

Chris Mills
Law Offices of Christopher Mills and Tara Wood

Megan Mooney
City of Hobbs

Corey Needham
Lea County

Jessica Olivas
Hobbs Chamber of Commerce

Elyn Palmer
University of the Southwest

Libbie Plant
MECA Therapies

Gerard Poortman

Courtney Puryear
University of the Southwest

Todd Randall
City of Hobbs

Remy Reeder
Reliable Floor Care

David Roybal
Pettigrew & Associates

Mara Salcido
Lovington Mainstreet

Steve Sauceda
New Mexico Junior College

Elaine Sena
MyPower, Inc.

Stefanie Stephens
Lovington Municipal Schools

Jessica Stout
Indepenent Marketing Consultant

Gene Strickland
Hobbs Municipal Schools

Chad Taylor
Lucky Well Services

Becca Titus
Fitness Fury & NMJC

Yesenia Valenzuela

Dixie Vejil
Hobbs Municipal Schools

Saul Villarreal
Lea County State Bank

Brandon Walker
Lovington Police Department

Deb Walker
Southwest Symphony

Brandon Walker
Hobbs Fire Department

Norma Wells

Barry Young
Hobbs Fire Department

Sarah Yue
Lea Regional Medical Center and Pacific Rim