Strategic Plan

The JF Maddox Foundation has developed a strategic plan to pursue our vision and mission.  Click the sections below to see more detail about each of our categories of work.

Good K-12 Education

A top indicator of quality of place is the quality of a school district.  A good education system performs well and is perceived to be high performing by its community.

Priority for Action: High School Graduation

We will seek strategies to help students graduate high school with a diploma four years after starting 9th grade.

Priority for Action: Early Childhood Development

Early childhood (birth through 8 years old) is pivotal in a child’s development.  We will seek to reinforce and expand education and development efforts for this age group.

Adequate & Stable Social Service Safety Net

Social services can play a pivotal role in helping people when they are in need.  An adequate and stable social service safety net is significant enough to support the population in its current needs.

Priority for Action: Social Service Agency Capacity

We will innovate and support our partners as we work to resolve the most pressing needs of the community together.

Priority for Action: Agency Leadership Capacity

We will seek to support and provide resources that develop leadership within social service agencies.

Priority for Action: Coordination

An effective social service system is one that can connect people to the right services quickly.  It will also have agencies that work together to improve life for residents.

Safe and Healthy Communities

There are several benchmark reports that outline some key health and safety metrics throughout the nation.  We will seek to understand a few of these reports and improve Lea County.

Priority for Action: Monitoring Healthy People 2030 Objectives: Injury & Violence Prevention; Occupational Health and Safety

“Healthy People 2030” is developed and reported by the office of disease prevention and health promotion.  The specific objectives will indicate where Lea County has room for improvement.

Priority for Action: Conditions that Promote Health and Wellbeing

We will seek to support programs that focus on health and wellbeing in each Lea County community.

Priority for Action: Monitoring New Mexico County Ranking of Annual Kids Count Report

The annual “Kids Count Data Book” is produced by the Annie E. Casey Foundation and presents specific data points that reflect quality of life for children.  We will look at county-specific data and find areas where we excel and areas of need.

Diversified Economy

A key to Lea County being an attractive community is providing opportunity for all.  By diversifying the economy, we will seek to develop more opportunities for many other industries.

Priority for Action: Affordable Housing

To develop and create opportunities for affordable housing across Lea County.

Priority for Action: Expansion of Diverse Industries

Create an environment that attracts diverse industries to Lea County.

High Quality Community Assets

Communities can use high quality assets to attract residents and visitors alike.  These assets serve as visual attractions and help to build a sense of community, identity and pride.

Priority for Action: Healthcare Access

For most healthcare services, residents should not have to travel upwards of 1.5 hours to receive service. 

Priority for Action: Recreation and Aesthetics

With the lack of natural amenities such as mountains or lakes, we will seek to develop other recreation and aesthetic amenities to improve the perception and life in Lea County.  One of the assets we are seeking to develop further is arts and culture.  We would like Lea County to be known throughout the region as a thriving arts and culture community.


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Senior Program Officer & Communications Manager
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