Focus Areas

The JF Maddox Foundation is focused on improving the lives of people living in Lea County, New Mexico.


We work alongside our neighbors in and between Tatum, Lovington, Hobbs, Eunice, and Jal so as to bring out the changes that help people thrive for generations.


We believe that education is key to a thriving community.  From early childhood education through higher ed, we are working with our partners to improve the educational outcomes of Lea County residents.

social services

All of our work springs from consideration and compassion.  This is especially true as it relates to the most vulnerable in our community.  We care that our neighbors are healthy and supported because we care about them as individuals and as a Lea County community.

community development

We are committed to uncovering innovative, data-driven solutions and then doing everything in our power to actualize them in a sustainable way.  Every day, in every way, we’re taking risks and innovating as we seek and find the best solutions to Lea County’s challenges.