Community Planning

Downtown Hobbs

Project Goal

The Downtown Hobbs Community Planning effort aims to develop strategies for downtown revitalization. These strategies will provide a roadmap to make the downtown core a vibrant and attractive place for residents and visitors. Through the project process a vision will be identified, co-created by the community and business stakeholders. This vision will inform the project goals and strategies.

This project is commissioned by the JF Maddox Foundation and facilitated by Pland Collaborative. The project includes an in-depth market analysis, stakeholder outreach, visioning, and site assessment. All components will identify goals, and strategies to ultimately achieve a downtown vision.

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Project Area

The project focuses on the areas surrounding Broadway between N. Linam St. and N. Fowler St. The area comprises some of the original Hobb’s core and we are there referring to it as “Downtown Hobbs”. To better understand the economic conditions, the project will also look at the greater market area within a 10-minute walkshed and a 10-minute driveshed. In addition, some existing conditions will also apply to a larger area and inform what some of the opportunities and constraints that are associated with Hobbs Downtown.

Pland Collaborative held a public information meeting on July 6, 2023. To view the video of that meeting and learn all about the project so far, click here:

Project Process

The project will contain multiple phases:

1. Analysis of Downtown

The project team will generate a market analysis, study demographic and site conditions, and generate an Existing Conditions Report. This analysis will serve to better understand the economic and social makeup of Downtown and serve to identify initial opportunities and constraints.

2. Focus Groups
We will host a series of focus groups with targeted stakeholders including, local businesses, local higher education institutions, schools, the City, and other organizations that have a stake in Downtown Hobbs.

3. Visioning Session
The team will present findings from the outreach and a summary of National Best Practices and precedent examples to help stakeholders better understand what has worked in other places and what some revitalization strategies for Downtown Hobbs are.

4. Draft Strategies
After establishing the draft Vision and Goals, the team will holistically assess all feedback received and existing strategies and develop a set of draft strategies.

5. Revitalization Roadmap
We will create a revitalization roadmap that includes the final vision, goals, and strategies for successful downtown revitalization.

Virtual Visioning Session

We want to hear from you! On Thursday, July 20th we will be hosting a virtual visioning session. Please let us know if you can attend by filling out the form below.

Project Background

Downtown areas and Mainstreets are essential to a community’s economic and social well-being. A vibrant and active downtown can improve residents’ quality of life and retain people who may be considering a move to another city. They can become a one-stop shop for people to work, play, socialize, and take pride in their community. Preserving and revitalizing those places is crucial to support the local economy, sense of place, social well-being, and community pride.

The Downtown Core of Hobbs has undergone a series of changes and developments over the years. In the City’s early years, the Downtown area was the center of commerce and activity, with a bustling Mainstreet lined with shops and businesses. However, as the City grew, commercial and business activities moved to new commercial corridors, changing the mix of uses Downtown and leaving the Downtown Core in decline.

In the past 20 years, there has been a renewed focus on revitalizing the Downtown area. The City, along with local businesses and community organizations, has undertaken several initiatives to attract new businesses and visitors to the area, however, with limited impact. With this effort, the JF Maddox Foundation has organized a planning project to develop a shared vision for Downtown and strategies to implement and achieve this vision.