Vision, Mission, & Core Values

2030 Vision

With opportunity for all, Lea County is a place we are proud to call home.


We innovate primarily in education, community development, and social services to ensure people are attracted to and thrive in Lea County.

Core Values

Dig deep

We expect a lot of ourselves, our partners, our grantees, and our community because we believe in our potential.  We dig deep – mind, body, and soul – so that we might inspire our community partners to do the same.  We do this so that we can succeed and grow together, for our common good.

Think & do big

We are not interested in slapping a fresh coat of paint on old problems; we are committed to uncovering innovative, data-driven solutions and then doing everything in our power to actualize them sustainably.  Every day, in every way, we’re taking risks and innovating as we seek and find the best solutions to the community’s challenges.

Be a constant ally

All of our work springs from consideration and compassion.  We care that our neighbors are healthy, educated, and supported because we care about them as individuals and as a community.

Measure twice, cut once

We’re deeply cognizant of the impact we have on the lives of real people, applying data-driven methods to plan for and measure the results of our actions.  And our assessment of the effects that our ambitious initiatives have – throughout the community, in ways that cascade – is an integral part of how we act and who we are.

Bring it home

The work we do, we do in collaboration with countless other hands and minds and hearts.  We work together as a community and as a family, engaging our partners and inspiring them to heights they didn’t previously recognize as achievable.